Robert Stacy McCain – Back at TWT?

Robert Stacy McCain, who had left the TWT before the layoffs, has returned, at least with his byline. In today’s paper, McCain has a “Special to The Washington Times”on the tea party movement in New York’s 23rd district.

In the story, McCain quotes GOP candidate Doug Hoffman: “I’m just an average citizen, standing up to say, ‘We’re fed up. We’re not going to take this any more,'” Mr. Hoffman told The Washington Times in a telephone interview Tuesday.

> Update: News of McCain’s return in a contract capacity is not sitting well with TWT staff. “The entire newsroom (what’s left of it), save 1-2 ideologues, has been horribly dismayed at RSMcCain’s invitation to try out for some sort of a position,” said a reporter, anonymously. “…Right now, it’s a guessing game among staff why [Editor Sam] Dealey is taking him seriously. …it’s arguably a new low in morale, in an abyss that continues to plunge.”

> Update: McCain has another point of view: “Returning to 3600 New York Avenue yesterday was like attending a high-school reunion — everyone was glad to see me.”

We’ll keep you posted…