Reporter Tours Deposed Bell City Administrator’s Home

Although the Huntington Beach home once occupied by accused Bell City embezzler Robert Rizzo is far from ostentatious by LA rich folk standards, it does have one shining beacon of excess: a chandelier in the bathroom.

Daily Pilot reporter Monia Shadia took a guided tour of the premises, which are now on sale for $949,000 following the LA Times‘ Pulitzer Prize winning expose of the owner’s alleged nearby municipal malfeasance. Based on the layout of the joint, it seems that Rizzo liked to do a lot of his thinking while in a bathroom:

The two-story, 3,250-square-foot home at 1935 Lake St., built in 1994, has four bedrooms, three full bathrooms and two half bathrooms.

Rizzo bought the home in 2007 for $1.13 million, so he stands to lose a cool $181,000 on the transaction if he gets list price. Another interesting detail: no furniture in the place as shown belongs to Rizzo. It was “professionally staged” for sale purposes, which seems at this point entirely appropriate.