Gossip Cop Takes Another Shot at Jay Penske’s HollywoodLife

It’s not usually a good thing when an outlet gets the “zero” rating on gossipcop.com’s rumor-to-truth left-margin thermometer graph. That was the case this morning with Bonnie Fuller’s HollywoodLife or, as Gossip Cop deems the website, “Jay Penske’s Webloid.”

Chief cop Michael Lewittes has been all over this particular news trail since Day One. He links to a head-spinning number of HollywoodLife items about an alleged Down Under “trial separation” between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Lewittes claims the entire coverage block was erroneous:

It was sad, really, watching HollywoodLies — er, HollywoodLife — try to cover up its previous misrepresentations with increasingly desperate “reports” that bore no resemblance to reality.

Through it all, Gossip Cop correctly said that nothing had changed between Pattinson and Stewart, and predicted that when Pattinson returned to California, he and Stewart would make HollywoodLife look foolish. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened.

According to Lewittes, this makes today’s exclusive by senior entertainment reporter Chloe Melas (with reporting by Sandra Clark) about the Twilight duo’s “reconciliation” equally laughable. Contacted by FishbowlLA, a spokesperson for Hollywood ife issued the following statement:

“HollywoodLife stands by its reporting. We always stated that Robert Pattinson’s time in Australia was a “trial separation” from Kristen Stewart because Rob wanted time to think about his relationship while he was away. Additionally, while he was away for the 64 days, Kristen did not visit him at all. We are very happy that Rob decided to reunite with Kristen when he returned. That’s why it was a “trial separation.””

Read the full Gossip Cop item here.