Pioneering Gay Playwright Forced to Write Porn Reviews

The introduction to Henrik Eger’s Q&A piece in the Philadelphia Gay News is both riveting and tragic:

Robert Patrick is the author of Kennedy’s Children and The Haunted Host, one of America’s oldest gay plays, now celebrating its 50th anniversary. He was one of the leading lights of the Off-Off Broadway, fringe and gay-theater movements in the United States. When he was younger, he made the mistake of selling his copyrights and now, at age 76, he survives in Los Angeles by writing porn reviews, even though he is still very creative and supportive of gay-theater arts.

How do you not read the rest of an article after that? Now… Would Patrick today be living in a Hollywood Hills mansion if he had retained those copyrights? No. But he most certainly would be in a better situation than, as he tells Eger, having to constantly worry about how he is going to pay the rent.

The porn-reviewing twist is by no means the only shocking revelation shared by Patrick. He also touches on being beaten by his biological father and stepfather (in the latter case, once, with a crucifix for being an atheist), his stint in an asylum and the time he witnessed a cop on the LGBT-QT take at New York’s Caffe Cinno. Full interview here.