Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Interview World

Documentary filmmaker Robert Greenwald and team continue to quietly build his Charlie Rose iteration, posting conversations that can be accessed on a sliding scale subscription basis. Last week, interview subjects included filmmaker Oliver Stone and Andy Bichlbaum, co-director of a documentary described as “Bruno meets Michael Moore.” He spoke with Greenwald colleague Christopher Sprinkle.

Based out a studio facility in west LA, Greenwald and co. have done a really good job of mastering the art of the interview trailer-tease. For example, in the case of the Stone interview, the filmmaker is tipped to have talked about the Martin Luther King Jr. biopic that he never made. But to find out the juicy details, you have to subscribe.

Other 2010 Brave New Conversations interview subjects having included comedienne Margaret Cho, 1960s anti-war activist Mark Rudd and singer-songwriter Jackson Browne.