Robert De Niro Talks to a Greenwich Village Compatriot

There’s a wonderful interview in the fall issue of DuJour magazine. Author and veteran journalist Anthony DeCurtis sat down earlier this summer with Robert De Niro at the actor’s Tribeca offices, just a few days in fact after the sudden, tragic passing of James Gandolfini.

That topic comes up briefly, but the main thread of conversation is the bond shared by the interviewer and interviewee to a certain portion of Lower Manhattan:

Growing up in the same [Greenwich Village] neighborhood less than a decade after De Niro, I took those [after hours] night swims in Carmine Pool and, more disturbingly, experienced the same complicated contrast between the tough Italian-American street environment and the alternative bohemian culture that suffused the Village in the 1960s and 1970s…

As we explore those dynamics, De Niro has a question. “You grew up on 10th and Bleecker?” he asks. “Which corner?” It’s his trademark obsession with detail, the attention to authenticity that has informed his acting for 40 years.

Among the other highlighs of this article are a great observation by De Niro’s The Family co-star Michelle Pfeiffer and a rather funny story about how the actor gave Jay Z a piece of his mind last fall at Leonardo Di Caprio‘s birthday party. Read the full feature here.