Robert Brunner’s Life Before, During and After Pentagram


Metropolis has an interview up with industrial designer Robert Brunner about his pre- and post-Pentagram life and his now pre-Ammunition life (if you weren’t in the loop, he left the former in April to start the latter firm this month). The interview serves as a nice overview of his entire career, starting with working on some historically high profile projects at Apple to moving over and becoming a partner at Pentagram and doing great work there for many years. In between, you get a lot of good perspective on the world of the industrial designer and what Brunner sees as the high and low points of the business. Here’s a little:

Q:Are you the first Pentagram partner to resign rather than retire?

A:The only thing that is close is Mervyn Kurlansky. I think he wanted to open up an office in Denmark, and the partners in London said no. So he just left. Everyone else has been either asked to leave, has died, or retired.

That actually brings up another point on the personal side. I couldn’t imagine hanging out at a single job until I’m 65. But I expect I’ll continue to work with the partners on programs. Many of them are the best at what they do.