Robb Corddry is Fine with IMDb Mistake

Actor has no recollection of partying with Fran Drescher in the 90s.

One of the great joys of IMDb is to scan down to the bottom of an actor or director’s credits list and drink in that person’s modest career starting point. Unfortunately, the information shown is not always correct.

During a HuffPost Live interview today with Josh Zepps, actor and Daily Show alum Robb Corddry fielded a question from community member Luke Y. Thompson, EIC of Village Voice Media property When Corddry was asked what he remembered about his first IMDb-logged role (Man at Party in a 1995 episode of The Nanny), he responded:

“I either blacked it all out, or it’s a mistake on IMDb. And I’m pretty sure it was the latter. That didn’t happen, and I have not taken any pains to get it changed, because I get that question all the time and I love it.”

Corddry went on to tell Thompson that if the journalist or one of his readers can track down the non-existent episode, he will take note. That call-to-action has quickly been posted.

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[Photo of Corddry at February 18, 2015 LA premiere of Hot Tub Time Machine 2: Helga Esteb/]

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