Rob Morrison Resigns From WCBS-TV Amid Wife Choking Allegations

Rob Morrison has left WCBS/Channel 2. The morning anchor resigned to spend more time with his family and deal with his legal troubles.

“I have nothing but good things to say about Channel 2,” Morrison tells FishbowlNY. “I’ve had a wonderful 3 1/2 years there.”

By now, you know about his arrest for choking his wife, Ashley Morrison, a CBS MoneyWatch morning anchor.

We spoke to Morrison this morning, a short time before he informed FishbowlNY first of his decision to quit. He maintains his innocence, denying any wrongdoing leading to Sunday’s arrest and his posting a $100,000 bond.

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Authorities say Ashley had red marks on her neck consistent with the allegation.

“Police can say anything they want. Is there any sort of photographic evidence? There is none,” Morrison says.

Morrison would not discuss the alleged details that led to his being handcuffed.

“Would anyone want to see themselves in a mugshot? I suspect not.”

He doesn’t want his young son to see the picture or learn about this incident.

“My son has no idea what is going on and we’re trying to keep it that way,” Morrison says. “When all is said and done, this is going to go away because there is absolutely no substance to it. The people who are doubters are going to know the truth.”

Morrison flatly denies reports that he was intoxicated at the time of the alleged altercation.

Happier times for the Morrisons last spring/Facebook

“We were having a few drinks watching Mystic Pizza… But as far as drinking the way they’re characterizing it like, drunken disorderly–no. It was actually a kind of a quiet night.”

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Morrison says it wasn’t until the next day that he learned of the three charges against him.

“My biggest crime was, I was a complete and utter belligerent jackass to the Darien cops who showed up at my house,” Morrison admits.

But the former anchor vehemently denies accusations of threatening to kill his wife as he was taken into custody.

A possible grey area in the Darien police report involves who called officers to their home. It was Rob’s mother-in-law in Indiana who called 9-1-1.

Morrison says he contacted his mother-in-law, Martha Risk about a “disagreement” with her daughter.

“I made the phone call in hopes that she could be a level head in all this. You reach out to family when there’s some sort of disagreement. She turned around and called the cops.

“She has a huge problem with me. She doesn’t like me,” Morrison says.

Reports says Morrison has a history of domestic violence. The WCBS anchor, though, denied that tabloid “charge.” However, he refused to offer specific comments about a reported 2009 arrest for assault or police being called to the Morrison’s home several times in the last decade.

Morrison says his wife did not press charges and will not cooperate with prosecutors. Therefore, he believes, his name will be cleared. He says Ashley is furious about some of the tabloid content of this story. One salacious tidbit alleges Morrison is addicted to Internet porn, which he says took him by surprise.

Morrison and former WCBS colleague Mary Calvi

Just before announcing his formal resignation, which WCBS has since confirmed, Morrison, 44, told FishbowlNY that he was hopeful of a triumphant return.

“When everything comes out in the wash, there will be no reason for me not to be there,” Morrison says.

Morrison has another court date on March 26. But he has no expectations of seeing this allegation going forward.

“I’m not worried about that in the least. If there’s no evidence to support a claim, there can’t be a trial.”

Now focused on rebuilding his life and ultimately his career, Morrison sums up his situation.

“Number one, don’t piss off your mother-in-law and number two, don’t piss off the cops.”