Rob Ford Musical Features a ‘Weaselly Journalist’

This Sunday, Rob Ford: The Musical – one of two tuneful Toronto September odes to the outgoing mayor – will wrap up a brief run at the Factory Theatre. Taking with it such ditties as the Rob-and-brother-Doug duet “F*ck You.”

Despite mixed reviews, the off-off-Broadway-eh show has been SRO. And given what the Ford’s have put Toronto through, the biggest shocker here may well be that the production is sympathetic to North America’s most inept recent civic leader. From Now magazine critic Susan G. Cole’s write-up:

This is a love letter to the mayor and an attack on just about everyone else. Using a Wizard of Oz/Christmas Carol-type premise, the musical sends Ford (Sheldon Bergstrom) on an extended dream after getting knocked out when he runs into a television camera. He’s visited by the black transvestite ghost Transgression (Andrew Broderick), who’s supposed to help him change his ways.

Along the way we meet the unholy trinity: the Police Chief (Sheldon Davis), weaselly journalist Eddie (Daniel Greenberg) and crusading – against Rob, that is – lawyer Ruby (Marisa McIntyre).

Surely, novelist Margaret Atwood could have done without being dragged into this mess as narrator (played by Lisa Horner). And for those who prefer their Ford playlets to be darker, there’s yet another option, The Tragical History of Macford: King of York. The Shakespeare-derived drama has yet to be mounted, but can be purchased online for 99 cents.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.