RITHM Promises to Be “Snapchat for Music”

Music is inherently social and sharing music with your friends is only natural. To help make this easier to do with your phone, MavenSay, the company behind the MavenSay recommendation app has created a new iPhone app called that hopes to be “Snapchat for Music.” The app lets you send customizable music messages to friends via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The app lets you choose from about 20 million songs to send to your friends. Once you have spotted a song on the “Top Tracks” listing or through the app’s search engind, you can create a personal message to go along with it, be it a text message, a video, a photo or an emoticon. The app pulls the song from the music databases of Spotify, Rdio, and Soundcloud and will send a link to play the track, along with your message, to your friend. 

“It was really interesting and unexpected to see how people were posting songs on MavenSay as a way to connect with each other and share experiences,” stated Mike Wagman, co-founder/CEO of MavenSay. “We became inspired by the concept of music as communication as well as the expressive power of music and wanted to build a simple and fun app based on that.”