RISD Mafia Demonstrates How They Keep It In the Family

Likely terrified of what would happen if they didn’t say yes, Jack and Jane Weiselberg entrusted the entire process of building a new summer house outside Sag Harbor–from architecture to juice glasses–to their designer son Josh and a motley crew of his Rhode Island School of Design classmates who openly refer to themselves as the “RISD Mafia.”

According to pot-stirrer Philip Nobel in the NY Times, the gang was so “persuasive,” they even succeeded in talking the Weiselbergs out of their traditional, ivy-climbing ways:

The Weiselberg parents remained anxious about their choice, particularly about abandoning their pitched-roof-and-stone expectations for TBD’s contemporary taste. After ground was broken in November 2005, Weiselberg father and son visited the site. “The look on his face was utter fear,” Josh Weiselberg said. “He saw concrete. He saw a hole. All he knew was that he was getting a grill on the screened porch and a pot filler above the stove.” It wasn’t until another visit, when the walls were framed in, that Jack Weiselberg realized he was getting a lot more from his son. “We went back when the sheathing was up and he could feel it,” the younger Mr. Weiselberg continued. “I started hearing things like, ‘Modern is the only way to go!'”

When the house was finished, the Weiselbergs were surprised most by two contributions: A set of extremely realistic horse-head pillows in the master bed, and a large mural painted in the bedroom reading, “We are watching you.”