Ringtone Media Studio 3 Makes Personalization More Creative

Software developer Avanquest has come out with Ringtone Media Studio 3, a new version of its ringtone creation software that lets consumers “showcase their personal flair.”

Although the software is only $29.95, Avanquest is giving users who register on its Web site the chance to download a free trial version.


Ringtone Media Studio 3 lets users create ringtones from their own music library as well as create new ringtones from scratch using any of the more than 10,000 unique instrument sounds, videos and photos included with the software. There’s also an online locker where users can store and send music and ringtones to their phone via text message. The new version includes a photo editing program and the ability to convert and transfer movies and TV shows to a cell phone.

Users can also get their Avanquest content onto their phone via Bluetooth, infrared or a connector cable.