RIM Provides More BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Previews – Meanwhile the iPad 2 is Available This Friday at 5pm

Video courtesy of BlackBerry
BlackBerry’s response to the iPad has had a lot of previews. It doesn’t have, if memory (and a quick web search) services me correctly, an actual release date yet. But, here’s another preview in a series of previews on RIM’s YouTube channel.
RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook has generated a lot interest and positive buzz in the tech community. But, they really need to actually make it available for sale. They need to field a team to be in the game.
While RIM keeps releasing previews of their tablet, Apple will be happy to take your money for an actual iPad 2 this week Friday starting at 5pm at your local Apple Store.
Via Inside BlackBerry (The Official BlackBerry Blog): BlackBerry PlayBook Apps: 7digital Music Store and BlackBerry Podcasts