RIM Going the Way of Palm OS and Microsoft Windows Mobile: Marketshare Shrinking Away (Nielsenwire)

Nielsenwire’s U.S. smartphone recent purchase and overall marketshare data provides a couple of clear messages.

– RIM and its BlackBerry phones are in big trouble. Recent acquistion share is down from 35% in June 2010 to 19.2% in November 2010. Overall marketshare is down from 33.9% to 26.1% in the same time frame. Statistical margin of error or not, BlackBerry phone sales look destined to drop enough to be the clear #3 in the U.S. very soon.

Apple Leads Smartphone Race, while Android Attracts Most Recent Customers

Apple’s flat iPhone trend in both overall marketshare and new acquisitions is most likely due to the iPhone being tied to AT&T’s network while Android (with its clear growth trends) is one all four of the big four U.S. mobile carriers. Once again, the message looks clear for Apple: Get the iPhone available from more carriers or become a minor smartphone platform player in the long run.