RIM BlackBerry App Store Does Not Allow Data Encryption Apps

When I saw the is subject line in Ilium Software’s blog…

RIM AppWorld has 2,000 Apps – but not eWallet!

…I expected to read a little story about how RIM’s BlackBerry app store submission process was slower and more convoluted than Apple’s iTunes app store process. I didn’t realize how whacky RIM’s app store rules are until I read the entire blog though. It seems that one of RIM’s app store rules is that apps are not allowed to encrypt data. Ilium contacted RIM and even spoke to their lawyers but are still unable to sell their eWallet app in the BlackBerry app store.

On the bright side, BlackBerry apps can be sold and installed from various sources (unlike the iPhone). So, if you want to buy and install the $19.95 eWallet for BlackBerry information encryption app, you can find it here:

eWallet for BlackBerry: Password Manager and Digital Wallet