Rihanna Marijuana News Trail Goes Up in Smoke

A strain called Trump's Hair Glue #4? Yes. Rihanna MaRihanna? No.

How many red flags do you see in the following paragraph?:

While speaking at a cannabis convention in Negril, Jamaica this week, Rihanna announced her new line of marijuana, according to a reggae website covering the event.

The above excerpt was propagated over the weekend by the Ledger Gazette, a publication that proclaims itself to be ‘an independent news site focusing on trending news & research.’ In this case, they should have thrown a little more research at the trending news. Or at least paid attention to the tags in the original, source item.

18KaratReggaeLogoPublished Nov. 12, the article on 18KaratReggae.com is headlined “Rihanna Launches MaRihanna, Her Own Brand of Marijuana.” No reporter byline underneath; just the tags Entertainment, Humor, Marijuana. Emphasis on the “H,” man

The Cut, another one of the many outlets that picked up this scent (although to the credit of writer Allison P. Davis, she expressed skepticism), has the sad additional paragraph:

Update: Rihanna’s publicist responded to our e-mail inquiry. Sadly, this story is completely untrue. Looks like we’ll just have to settle for smokingLeafs by Snoop.

Remember, kids. Fool’s gold is all over the Internet. For the record, here is a list of the actual bud winners from the High Times Cannabis Cup held in Negril Nov. 12-15. Strains cited for prizes include – we kid you not – Trump’s Hair Glue #4.