Right-Wing Radio Host Too Right-Wing For Right-Wing Radio

Once, there was this radio host. His name was Bradlee Dean and he had a show called “Sons of Liberty” on AM1280 The Patriot, a talk radio station in Minneapolis.

But Dean got bumped after he said on air that “Osama Bin Laden is not the one that’s trying to disarm the American people — Obama is!”

They also “did a 6-minute-long spiel in which they mocked black people, which I took offense to,” Patriot GM Ron Stone told MinnPost. Dean’s show was canceled.

But the following Wednesday after being canceled, Dean had seemingly landed a bigger and better gig: a timeslot on KTLK, the higher-rated talk radio station that also airs Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

The first broadcast was set to run May 21, but on May 20, Dean, evidently deciding that he hadn’t learned his lesson about offending people (and advertisers), led a prayer in the Minnesota House of Representatives that ended with his claim that Barack Obama is a Muslim. Actually, technically, he said that Obama doesn’t believe in Jesus. But either way, it was not a wise thing to say (and he did it in a tracksuit, too!).

Dean’s May 21 broadcast on KTLK never happened, reports MinnPost’s David Brauer.

“I’ve learned a lot,” Stone told Brauer. “When the ‘Sons of Liberty’ show first developed, I truly believed it was a conservative radio show in the right spirit. I don’t have an issue with him debating the marriage amendment, photo ID, Obamacare, things that deserve to be debated. What I do have issues with is the divisive tone — we’re not bigots, we’re not racists. Even though we don’t agreed with the president on policy, I don’t think he should be likened to a terrorist. Given what happened at the Capitol, I’m so happy with the decision I made.”

Too right-wing for the station that airs Beck and Limbaugh? Now we’ve seen everything.

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