Rick Scott Zeroes Out Florida’s Pubcasting Funding

Florida Governor Rick Scott yesterday zeroed out funding for Florida’s 26 public radio and TV stations, cutting $4.7 million out of those stations’ budgets.

The Florida legislature had already proposed cutting pubcasting funding by 30 percent, reported the St. Pete Times’s media columnist Eric Deggans.

But Scott’s vetoes turned the 30% cut into a 100% cut, ending 35 years of public broadcasting in the state.

It’s devastating,”Laura Fage, a spokeswoman for WEDU, told Deggans. WEDU stands to lose about 5 percent of its $8 million budget. “It certainly will have an effect on our programming and services.”

No outlet would yet say whether any layoffs would occur but when millions of dollars are suddenly erased it’s surely on everyone’s minds.