Rick Marin and Ilene Rosen Leave for LA

Author Rick Marin (CAD: Confessions of a Toxic Bachelor) and his wife Ilene Rosenzweig (who partnered with Cynthia Rowley to create Swell home furnishings/fashion accessories) had a lot to celebrate this week. They are moving out of the city just as a gigantic condo is being built in their back yard, threatening a wonderful view. They are being beckoned to sunny Los Angeles by NBC and other networks interested in a series of pilots they’ve been working on together. Another 9-month-long project is about to see the light of day. His name will be Kingsley and he is due in July.

Maybe we don’t get out much, but this was one of the more fabulous soirees we’ve been to in a long time. What made it so special? It was the room, and we don’t mean the all-white decor, or the molten chocolate fountain and three gigantic ice sculptures of various Manhattan monuments (no, there was no rendition of the Trade Center).

While Ilene has taste and style, that wouldn’t have been enough to impress. Rather, it was the warmth and bonhomie of the guests, a delightful mix of literary agents and authors, beauty editors and designers, with a few bashful billionaires thrown in for good measure. Our pal, author, architect and Guggenheim fellow (not necessarily in that order) James Sanders invited us. Here’s who made it over to 22nd Street that Spring evening, grouped by industry category (sorry the pictures are so limited in number and quality, but there was a cameraman taking video, so maybe we’ll find a copy on YouTube and upload that some lazy afternoon).

Rick Marin and Mike Errico

Angela Voulangas, Ben Schott, Pavia Rosati

Ben Schott and Pavia Rosati

Bob Morris, Laurel, Ira Silverberg

Danny Levinson, Ilene Rosenzweig

Elyse Cheney, Lucinda Rosenfeld, Ira Silverberg

Elyse Cheney, Lucinda Rosenfeld, Tad Low

Jeffrey Leeds, Kerry Diamond

Jeffrey Podolsky, Tracy Taylor

Lucinda Rosenfeld, Max Leavitt

Nancy Cooper, Rick Marin, Laren Stover

Jesse Oxfeld, Gawker (formerly editor of mediabistro.com and editor of our first-ever book! Get a Freelance Life).
Mickey Kaus, political blogger, KausFiles
Rachel Sklar, Huffington Post (formerly of fishbowlNY)
Pavia Rosati, managing editor of Daily Candy (shhh, don’t tell anyone, but we think she’s dating one of the hotter guys at the party 🙂

Sean MacPherson, hotelier (Maritime and the Park)
Milly de Chabrol (society decorator)
Jeffrey Podolsky

Just Plain Literary:
Lea Thau, who heads up The Moth. Her father is art historian, Carston (sp?) Thau
Matthew Weingarten
Robert Woodward, photography critic
Jeremy McCarter, drama critic, New York mag

Lit Agents:
Elyse Cheney (just sold the Valerie Plame book)
David McCormick
Chris Calhoun, Sterling Lord
Ira Silverberg, agent, very cute, shock of salt-pepper hair, has a damaged right hand.

Elyse’s husband, Jeb Brown (Johnny Cash musical)
Mike Errico, editor of Blender.com
Max Leavitt, house-band-leader for the Carson Daly Show

Billionaires aka Hedge Fund Owners
Jeffrey Leeds
Gary Rabin
Neil Barsky

Martha McCully, Instyle Exec Editor
David Hirshey, Harper Collins
Tunku Varadarajan, Op Ed Editor, Wall Street Journal
Tom Watson, Nation Editor and Newsweek
Cathy Deveany and Nancy Cooper (Newsweek)
Eric Gertler, Blackbook owner/publisher

Kerry Diamond, Lancome P.R.
Dana Dickey, Traveler beauty editor, who stole away from her
new baby to attend the soiree
Tracy Taylor, Marie Claire fashion editor (in an eye-catching Chloe dress)
Julia Chaplin, Sunday Styles writer

Ben Schott (Schott’s List)
Bridget Harrison (New book Tabloid Love)
Gil Schwartz AKA author and columnist Stanley Bing
Bob Morris, NY Times Columnist (also a playwright, with a one man show called Assisted Loving, playing right now at Dloungenyc.com)
Jon Podhoretz (Can She Be Stopped)
Doug Century (new bestseller about Jewish boxer Barney
Bruce Jay Friedman
Barak Zimmerman (gifted man of letters, recently moved to NY. Book doctor for a doctor’s book that all Tribeca parents swear by, called The New Basics.)
John Cassidy, New Yorker scribe with his very pregnant (as in due next week!) wife, Lucinda Rosenfeld. She’s a novelist in her own right, What She Saw.

David Hu (designed our apartment)
James Sanders (just won a Guggenheim last month! His latest book, Scenes From the City: Location Film-Making in New York (1966-2006), is coming out of Rizzoli in October)

Barclay Palmer/producer (Anderson Cooper 360)
Tad Low, producer (Pop-Up Video creator; new show is
Pants Off Dance Off — on Fuse)
Mike Rubiner (TV screenwriter)

Mysterious Government Guest:
Jay S., State Department

Dan Levinson (moxie pictures)