Richard Meier Talks Quietly, Wards Off Spirits


By way of Archinect, we found this great piece on the man, the myth, the legend, Richard Meier. Though it kinda reminds us of this NPR interview with Sigur Ros that’s been floating around, with few words coming out of the notoriously quiet Meier, it’s an interesting story, choosing to spend about half its time talking about the starchitect’s life and who he is, instead of the usual focus on the famous stuff he’s built (though there is quite a bit about that too). Here’s a little bit from the intro about his accessories:

Richard Meier’s bracelets are a conversation piece. If only he spoke more about them.

The 73-year-old architect wears three Turkish chains beneath the sleeve of his sober blue suit. The chains, which he has kept on for four or five years, are studded with little glass eyelets aimed at chasing away evil.

“It works. So far,” says Meier with a smile. Probed further about his unusual choice of jewelry, Meier smiles again and nods in silence, inviting the next question.