Richard Grenell Chews on ThinkProgress

Fox News media contributor Richard Grenell is gnawing away at the liberal minded ThinkProgress this afternoon like they were the last drumstick at the weekend barbecue. And he’s famished. As observers know, when Grenell sets his mind to a cause there’s no turning back. And today’s charge against the liberal biased media was: Why aren’t Democratic news outlets covering the blockbuster story of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner‘s admitted sexual harassment?

Some nine minutes later — yes, NINE — ThinkProgress tweeted out a story on Filner and his sexually wayward admission this week — and Grenell revealed his incisors and well, went nuts.

To be fair, Grenell also attacked MSNBC.

Annie-Rose Strasser, ThinkProgresses‘ Deputy Managing Editor took issue with Grenell’s charge and unleashed the dogs on him. You don’t even want to know what happened next. Well, yes, you do. Read on. Let’s just say things sometimes have to get worse before they get better.

— Judd Legum (@JuddLegum) July 12, 2013

About an hour later, Strasser reached to Grenell once again and did the unthinkable: She apologized.

By this point Grenell was in full attack mode, as in, the meat off the drumstick is gone; he’s now literally eating the bone. At one point Strasser feebly tries to interject, “Again, we tweeted it an hour ago. We have an odd scheduling system, I’ll give you that.” At some point, ThinkProgress‘ Editor-in-Chief Judd Legum dove headfirst into the fight.

He tries joking: “We felt the pressure of your all-powerful twitter account! #haha.” He tries reasoning: “Maybe we actually just think sexual harassment is something worth covering.” He tries sarcasm: “We immediately sprung into action and conceived, research, wrote, coded and published our story in 540 seconds.” He tries saying goodbye: “No one charged us with looking like a hypocrite! This was fun though, thanks.” He can’t say goodbye: “#ff @RichardGrenell ThinkProgress editor-at-large and women’s rights advocate.” For three more tweets Legum still cannot say goodbye, but thankfully appears to have moved on to the George Zimmerman trial.

Grenell, amid all this exhausting back and forth, spent several tweets chewing up Legum’s argument and spitting it out. 1. “ThinkProgress Editor says I missed his tweet on BobFilner. but I was 9 mins BEFORE his tweet. Why can’t he admit he was wrong?” 2. “It’s easy to see that ThinkProgress was totally wrong in their charge (check timestamp) & in an effort to save them face, I forgive them.” 3. “BREAKING NEWS: I got ThinkProgress to apologize.” 4. Today’s TO DO list: get the ThinkProgress Editor to apologize for their mistake. Check.”

But ultimately Strasser wouldn’t concede. She noted sarcastically: