Rich People Mad at Other Rich People

Vogue contributing editor Lauren Santo Domingo and her billionaire husband, Andres Santo Domingo, are pissing off their Gramercy Park neighbors. According to the New York Post, the couple is having a geothermal well installed under their home, and the drilling is “deafening.

A geothermal well, for those who are interested, is a heating/cooling system that you cannot afford.

Installing a well of this nature requires a 1,600-foot hole, and that means a lot of loud drilling. Santo Domingo’s neighbors are furious. One person told the Post it was “unconscionable” for the couple not to consider the noise.

The head of the Gramercy Park Block Association added, “People are calling me in the middle of the night saying they can’t cross the traffic. They should have been working with us to address safety.”

How will this all end? Will the residents of Gramercy Park persevere? We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any developments. In the meantime, try and put their suffering out of your head and enjoy the weekend. We know, it will not be easy.