Revolving Door: The Death of Fat Charlie


In a sad bit of branding and logo news today, particularly for those of you across the pond, it’s been announced that the UK grease pit, Little Chef, is trying, once more, to do away with their beloved mascot, Fat Charlie. Even though his now almost-certain death is the first we’ve ever heard of the portly guy, we like Fat Charlie. His character design is so absurdly simple and because he was created nearly a decade after Bob’s Big Boy, we’re guessing he’s also something of an illegitimate brother, if you get our drift. You can certainly see why he’d be done away with, given the size we in the West have become, but it’s still sad to see these old fellas go away. People may want desperately to save the Union 76 ball, but nobody seems to much care about these jolly fat men. Just look at what’s happened to Chunky Chet, Plumpish Paul, and the sad case of Type 2 Diabetes Dan. Here’s a bit from the brief story:

In 2004, the tubby cook faced being slimmed down to give him a sleeker image in response to the growing awareness of healthy eating. But he was spared a diet after thousands of people objected to the idea. Now the new owners of the brand are considering getting rid of him altogether. One of them, Lawrence Wosskow, said the roadside group would trial four new restaurant designs before the summer. He said: “We want to make the image softer, warmer and trendier.”