Revolving Door: Paul Bradley Hops to frog from IDEO


When you get to be a big shot in the industry, it seems like there’s inevitably going to be some swapping here and there. You move from one giant firm to another giant firm and you remain firmly on top. That must be the life, eh? Case in point, Paul Bradley, one of the big players over at super cool superpower IDEO, has left the company to take a job as a big player at another super cool superpower, frog design (as their Executive Creative Director, to be specific). According to the press releases, he moved from developing products for companies like Intel, Nike, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft at IDEO, and now, at frog, he’ll be working on developing products for companies like Logitech, Seagate, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft…wait a minute…were those just the same two…Nah, that last sentence must just be our imaginations.

Also of note: the image used alongside this post came from over at Design Interactions, which had this great piece on Bradley’s development of the Microsoft mouse.

Of secondary note: We just noticed that Bradley moved from a company that uses all-caps to no-caps. Weird. “Sorry fellas, I just need to be in a place that isn’t yelling all the time.”