Revolving Door: GM’s Design Guru Robert Lutz Resigns (For Real This Time?)

When we were invited to talk to General Motor‘s Vice Chairman Robert Lutz back in 2007, he was gung ho on making the company design-focused again. But then, of course, there was that big auto industry collapse, and this time last year, Lutz said he was officially turning in his resignation. Five months later, turns out it was all just talk, as he’d decided to stick around at GM after all. So after 2009’s quitting fake-out, are we to believe that Lutz is really heading out for good with the announcement that he’s said “my work here is done” and will be resigning as of May 1st? Apparently he believes GM has made a complete turnaround and is now safe without him. We’ll have to see if that stays true. Five months isn’t very long to wait. Here’s the full statement:

“My work is done here,” Lutz wrote in an email to the Associated Press from Geneva, where he is attending the Swiss city’s motor show. “The whole organisation, top to bottom, now has absolute product superiority as the highest objective which enables all others. So I can retire in peace.”