Revolving Door: Dan Williams Joins PDT


We’ve noticed that this has been something of a more rant and raving week, with a healthy dose of snark and pointless rage. But now we’re being careful with this post, because the press release comes from Chicago and members of the company could come find a certain writer who lives in said town and has the same desire to fight as, say, a precious kitten. Though there doesn’t seem much need for a post about someone being hired at a product design and development services firm. That someone is Dan Williams, that company is Product Development Technologies (PDT). The company does all kinds of everything, from industrial design, research, software development, and mechanical engineering. And Williams has had an amazing career in product development, having worked as the VP of Design at Reebok most recently, and Motorola before that, where he was the main guy behind their flip phones and those headsets the coaches wear in the NFL. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig at an interesting company. Our collective hats, and our witty snark, are off to you.