A Singaporean Print Media Paradise

The enviable demographics of Revolution magazine.

RevolutionCoverImagine… a well-heeled target audience that isn’t going anywhere.

Imagine… a combined total of seventeen print editions.

Imagine… an Asian media enterprise with a chief executive named Bruce Lee.

Sound too good to be 2015 true? Think again. Per a New York Times international edition report by Jane A. Peterson, Singapore-based quarterly Revolution is connecting with luxury watch collectors in that country and well beyond. Ten years after launch, the magazine is widely acknowledged as being this niche market’s media leader:

Revolution owns six editions, has franchised 11 more and hopes to find four more franchisees for new markets. “Niche titles still do extremely well,” Lee said. “People consume media today like they are fishing in a barrel. Everything they consume is concentrated and targeted to their interest.”

He said the magazine’s global print reach, which factors in readership rather than just issue sales, totals 350,000 each quarter while digital attracts another 100,000 to 120,000 readers.

Revolution’s largest reader base is in mainland China. The company is currently redesigning its website, iPad version and Apps, in concert with the timepiece industry’s gradual increase of digital ad-dollars. Read the full article here.

[Cover image via: revo-online.com]