Revised Presidio Museum Plans Slapped with Another New Complaint

While we were out in San Francisco last week, we really wanted to get a chance to get out to the Presidio to check out where Don Fisher wants to put his museum. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make it out to see much of anything in the city other than the back of cab drivers’ heads. But once again, even though we weren’t able to thank the still-fictitious museum in person, Fisher’s museum is the gift that keeps giving to newshounds like ourselves. Case in point: after all the controversy last year, Fisher and his architectural team had finally turned in what looked like revised plans that would make everyone happy. But then a new complaint: no parking. And now another: the National Park Service still hates the idea. So while we had something like a month there where Fisher could breath easier, here we are again, in potential nowheresville for this project or at the very least, the start of another endless round of debate. Oh sweet Presidio Museum, how we love you so.