Reviewing the New Museum of American Finance


Last month, the Museum of American Finance opened in New York, just down the block from the center of it all on Wall Street. The NY TimesEdward Rothstein has just reviewed the new museum, helped put together with partial funding from The Smithsonian, and comes to the conclusion that the museum is really well put together, from the architecture of the building to the quality of the exhibits, and says that it features a great look at the finances of the country. Most surprisingly though, what we thought was sort of an unfortunate time for the museum to be opening, what with the market starting to crumble almost as soon as they open their doors, Rothstein sees as something of a positive:

So while opening the Museum of American Finance on Wall Street last month might at first have seemed like bad timing — like buying a stock at its top, or selling at its bottom — there was actually no better moment to mount this tribute to the “forces that have made New York City the financial capital of the world” (as one of the museum’s displays puts it). And if our city’s status and the currency that backs it are more contested than they once were, that only makes the enterprise more urgently intriguing.

Or another way to put it: sometimes it helps to learn from your mistakes.

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