Review of the IIT & Hubbard Street Dance Collaboration


Following up on another story from the start of the week, the Chicago Tribune has finally gotten back to us about the biggest “dancing about architecture” story this side of the Great Lakes: a review of the Hubbard Street Dance and Illinois Institute of Technology collaboration in Mies van der Rohe‘s Crown Hall. Turns out, according to the Tribune, it was a nice idea, but one that didn’t land so hot. In the end, the staging was rough, moving the audience was difficult and even the music was received poorly. But hey, it’s not like van der Rohe and Fred Astaire were the best of pals, sharing their ideas together over a gallon of rocky road ice cream (but geez, don’t you sort of want to picture it?). So for a work in progress, what can you do but let it grow? Here’s some from the review about one of sections:

Alejandro Cerrudo‘s work-in-progress, “Extremely Close,” most soundly referenced Crown Hall. White “masts” sloped above the performance area to soften the dancers’ more rigid interaction with moving panels.

The eight dancers hid and appeared while unveiling in motion a blueprint upon which they constructed their own spaces. The piece then moved from clinical to emotional as the dancers (particularly Jamy Meek, Yarden Ronen and Jessica Tong) built a foundation for human relationships.