Review: ‘How Can I Change Careers?’ Worth Its Salt

We often post advice from the Ask The Headhunter newsletter as, in a sea of career advice echo chambers blogs, Nick Corcodilos’s advice is different, unique, and often, maybe even always, sage. And yeah, he sells his time at $150(!) an hour, but may all of us aspire to that level, right? Anyway, whether you believe that a conversation with anyone except maybe your shrink is worth that kind of money (and Blue Cross Blue Shield definitely won’t foot Nick’s bill), we’re talking about a much cheaper product today.

For thirteen bucks you can buy Corcodilos’s ebook, How Can I Change Careers? $13 is slightly steep for an ebook, especially one that’s only 36 pages long, but we’ve read the thing twice now (disclaimer: Corcodilos sent us a review copy) and feel that there are worse ways to spend your money. Brown-bagging it once’d probably get you $13, right?

Listen. If you’ve mastered the art of the informational interview—the real informational interview, not the kind where you ask for a job at the end—you’re cool with networking, and you’re pretty sure you know what you want to do with your life, you may not need this book. There. Said it. But if you’re stuck, confused, feel like you’ve been reading and doing and trying and you’re getting nowhere, the simple fact that How Can I Change Careers? is so different it may just inspire you to get out of your rut.

In summary, the price makes us balk, but the content is intelligent.

Best of luck in your job hunt.