Revenue For Web TV $1.63 Billion

When it comes to media, we like to hear any number with billion in it. So we were pretty excited when we read NewTeeVee‘s report on web television’s earning last year.
Putting this into perspective, though, web television only made up 2.4 percent of total U.S. broadcast and cable TV advertising revenue. The revenue from web television did increase from $1.27 billion in 2007. Revenue is expected to double once more in 2011, to $3.23 billion, or 4.6 percent of total TV ad revenue. According to the report, this increase will come from the number of viewers of online television and not an increase in ad or ad rates. In fact, marketers have determined that online tv watchers will only endure roughly 15 seconds of advertising in online television.
The number of people watching full episodes of shows online was around 15 percent this year. This number is expected to jump to 24 percent in the next two years, but is also expected to be slowed a little by the growth of DVR subscriptions as well.
With all this growth in online television, a new need for experts in the digital space is soon going to be called for in the job market. From content creators who know how to engage viewers with new digital content to online advertisers who can drum up more interest in ads beyond the standard sit-and-view commercials currently running with online shows. So keep your heads up and start looking to the future online!