Rev. Wright Snaps at Paparazzi Journo

Rev. Jeremiah Wright is apparently not acquainted with dealing with the media. If we weren’t so non-judgmental we might even think he was an a$$#@!& because this weekend he certainly did his best impersonation. Wright, President Obama‘s ex-preacher, was in town to preach the tenets of the Bible at Florida Avenue Baptist Church.

Clearly Wright doesn’t practice what he preaches.

Well-known celeb journo Colin Drummond caught up with the man of the cloth at Reagan National Airport. If there are points for tenacity and thinking up the strangest questions imaginable, Drummond earned them. The best part is the excruciating discomfort of watching Wright’s mood shift from reasonably docile to all out batshit irate as Drummond’s questions persist.

He began by pressing him about Morgan Freeman‘s belief that Obama is not the first black president. Wright had “no thoughts” on it. Drummond continued, “Do you think President Obama ought to be reelected?” No discernible answer. And then, an easy one: “What will the worship be on?” Answer: Jesus. The Bible. Drummond goes in for the kill: “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever read in the Bible?” This is when Wright goes insane and with a half smile-sneer combo replies, “How people don’t leave you alone when you’re trying to be with your family.” Drummond asks innocently, “That’s in the Bible?” He started in on another question and Wright lost his flipping mind: “LISTEN LISTEN I am NOT going to TALK to you,” he spewed.  Even Wright’s wife had to calm him down.

Drummond remarked to FishbowlDC, “Yes, the preacher with anger management problems.”

Don’t miss Wright’s red shoes in this must watch video.


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