Reuters To Sell Video Content To Publishers


Reuters is not retreating from the advance of digital media. Beet.TV is reporting that Reuters will begin syndicating original video content to publishers as a revenue source. The publishers will then sell ads within the videos. From Beet.TV:

”In much the same way that Reuters made Web portals Yahoo! and AOL into news platforms by providing its newswire feeds some 10 years ago, the London-based information behemoth is set to make the Web video-news-rich by providing thousands of clips to publishers.

”Some 13,000 clips Reuters-produced videos, with 125 new clips added daily, will be available to Web publishers who license the videos for 30-day use. The videos will be both edited pieces and unedited, natural sound segments.”

The 156-year old comapny is the world’s largest international multimedia news agency.