Reuters free News Pro iPhone App Very Nice – But Branding Somewhat Lost


If you were Thomson Reuters and had a world-class brand name like “Reuters”, what would you call your iPhone app? That’s right, you would give it a generic unbranded name like “News Pro”. The app’s official name is…

Thomson Reuters News Pro 1.0.1

But, if you search for Reuters on your iPhone (using the new OS 3.0 global search feature), you’ll come up empty handed because the app’s name is just “News Pro”.

The app itself is quite nice with a well organized news section, a fast photo viewing section and interesting short news video segments. It includes a nice small touch of a single line of rotating stock indices in the upper right corner of the screen. This news app is a “keeper” on my iPhone. The only two potential wish list items I have would be the ability to select a local or regional news section and the ability to email a news item to someone.