Reports: FTC to Close Google Probe Thursday

No enforcement action, just promises

Microsoft and other Google competitors won't be happy that the Federal Trade Commission is set to close its two-year antitrust investigation into Google without taking enforcement against the search engine giant.

According to a number of reports, the FTC will announce the details on Thursday, which essentially add up to Google making voluntary concessions to the regulator.

A Bloomberg Businessweek article cites sources within the FTC saying that Google has agreed to change some anticompetitive business practices to settle charges that it misused patents.

The FTC will also close its investigation into whether Google's search results favor its own services over its competitors, bringing no enforcement action against the Internet giant.

Just yesterday, Microsoft, anticipating the FTC was close to (in)action, complained in a blog post that the regulator needs to do more because Google cannot be trusted to keep its promises to change how it does business., a coalition of 17 Google rivals including Expedia, Microsoft and Nokia, warned the FTC on Wednesday that acting now, ahead of the European Commission's conclusion of its investigation, would be premature.

"If the FTC fails to take decisive action to end Google’s anticompetitive practices, and locks itself out of any remedies to Google’s conduct that are offered in Europe later this month, the FTC will have acted prematurely and failed in its mission of protecting America’s consumers," the organization said.