Reporters Grumpy At Dems Yesterday


(Above, the photog’s view)

Yesterday’s tea with Nancy Pelosi at the Mellon Auditorium was billed as an open press event, but reporters and photogs alike bristled at the DCCC’s definition of “open”: herded into a roped-off pen, all the way back from the stage — a “First Amendment ontainment zone,” one photog called it.

Some shooters were allowed near the stage during Pelosi’s remarks, but none during the reception, save Pelosi’s personal crew. “There is absolutely nothing to photograph,” griped one from the corral. “Maybe they didn’t want us to nibble the finger food,” said another.

One DCCC aide at various points told the press that “This is MY event!!” and “You’ll never have access again!!” if you violate the ropes.

In response, several journos started snapping pics of her. “Why do you have to do that?” she asked. “Because you’re not letting us shoot anything else,” came the response.