Reporters Gone Wild

briannakeilor.jpgIt must have been really difficult for editors to convince reporters to head to Cancun late last week to cover the summit between President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Time Magazine’s Mike Allen gives us the story from the street, er, beach.

    Every once in a while, Bush lets on that he knows his press corps sometimes has a little more on its mind during overnight trips than work, work, work. This week, many White House reporters have been contemplating the policy implications of “Salt or no salt? Frozen or on the rocks?” The President seemed to sense that and told his pool at the hotel, “It’s good to see you all. And I’d like to make sure you work, more than you play.”…The President, his senior staff and the rotating pool of reporters that stays close to him bunked at the Le Blanc, but the majority of the press was 20 miles away at the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort, where reporters paid $360 a night for rooms that included a whirlpool with a family-size bottle of bubble bath…The Moon is an “all-inclusive” resort, meaning that guest receive a wristband giving them unlimited access to all the bars and restaurants on the property. “A cruise ship on land,” is how one journalist put it. There’s an extra charge for the temporary tattoos and full-body massages available poolside. “Golfito,” or mini-golf and “no gravity sensation scuba” are also offered, perfect relief from tequila volleyball. Some of the heartier correspondents journeyed outside the complex to places like Senor Frog, where they got additional wristbands emblazoned with tasteful designations such as “Open Bar.” A great way to get your mind off softwood lumber.

The Houston Chronicle’s Patty Reinert reports that some in the press corps “seemed determined to acquire a large margarita and confirm rumors that the Moon Palace’s swimming pool welcomes the topless.”

Let’s just all be glad that Don Imus doesn’t do a radio show on Saturday mornings.

(Sunburned reporters: Email us with the juicy stories of reporter life after a few too many hours at Senor Frog.)