Reporter Revolt At CNBC

CNBC’s current talent situation is an interesting one. Maria Bartiromo has been a network icon for a most of the 18 years CNBC has been on the air. But now that network brass are promoting Erin Burnett as the next big thing, it’s causing problems for female talent besides Bartiromo & Burnett. According to Page Six, there’s a staff revolt in the making over at CNBC:

A source says reporters including sexy blonde Melissa Francis, who covers energy, have complained to CNBC suits that while they get zip, Bartiromo and Burnett are treated like princesses – with massive promotion, regular gigs on the “Today” show and “NBC Nightly News,” perks such as limos and gushing quotes from network brass in newspaper articles. “The catfight that started with Maria being jealous of Erin’s rise has spread down the line. Now all of the other female reporters are getting p – – – ed off,” our insider said.
“They’re going to management and telling them they want equal treatment – better public relations, better placement on the air. They are all being divas now. It’s gotten ridiculous.”

Now, out of all of CNBC’s reporters, why did Francis get a specific mention? Hmm.