Report Reveals America Scores Highest Average Salary Among OECD Countries

Think things are bleak? Think again! There’s always a sunny way of looking at things and hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere…consider this: Bloomberg ranked average annual wages for OECD countries and we came out on top.

Data taken from 2011 reflected full-time employees (FTE) as well as employees on a part-time basis converted to a FTE basis. Salaries were adjusted so they compared applies to applies in terms of purchasing power equity. This gave researchers the opportunity to compare costs from one country to another.

Drumroll please…The average wage for America was $54,450.

Here’s how the salaries stacked up for the top 10:

United States $54,450

Luxembourg $52,847

Ireland $50,764

Switzerland $50,242
Netherlands $47,056
Denmark $45,560
Australia $44,983
United Kingdom $44,743
Belgium $44,364
Norway $43,990