Report Identifies 10 Jobs Where People Loathe Co-Workers (Spoiler Alert: Journalism is Not One of Them)

Co-workers got you down? You’re not alone. According to a recent report published by Payscale (via AOL Jobs), they looked into jobs where people said they would ditch their co-workers if they could change one thing about their office.

As for the really good news, out of more than 28,000 responses from Payscale’s users, journalism did not make the top 10 miserable list! The occupations that did make the list typically encompassed support or operations roles.

According to the piece, Payscale’s lead economist Katie Bardaro revealed, “A lot of these jobs are on the lower end for pay and higher end of stress. It’s easier for workers to get aggravated by coworkers who aren’t pulling their weight, since it’s more of a group effort.”

Without further ado, here’s a list of the top 10 occupations:

1. Maintenance (despise their coworkers 1.48 times more than the national average)

2. Food preparation and serving related 

3. Production operations

4. Building and grounds cleaning – tied with #5

5. Health-care practitioners and technical operators – tied with #4

6. Health-care support occupations

7. Office and administrative support occupations

8. Protective service occupations 

9. Life, physical, and social science occupations

10. Personal-care and service occupations