Rep. Kucinich and the ‘Dangerous’ Olive Pit

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) has gotten himself into a pickle over an olive pit.

So says Gawker, the site reporting the congressman’s lawsuit against Restaurant Associates, the company that manages the Longworth Cafeteria on Capitol Hill, among other related companies. Kucinich allegedly charges that while eating a sandwich in 2008 that included an olive, he cracked his tooth.

We’ve put in a call to the congressman’s spokesman, Nathan White. Gawker reports that Kucinich’s press secretary isn’t talking.

> Update: A quick call to Kucinich’s attorney in Cleveland, Andrew Young, turned up basically nothing. He wasn’t taking questions about the potential dangers of olive pits, broken teeth or anything. He said he’d tell me what he was telling everyone: “I am the attorney for Dennis Kucinich. This is a private matter that should be tried in the courts and not the public media.”

> Update #2: Courthouse News also deserves credit on this story. Read here.

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