Remembering Deborah Orin-Eilbeck

Some of the remembrances you all sent in for Deborah Orin-Eilbeck:

  • Deborah had such a tough-as-nails demeanor, but she was also secretly very funny. She liked to be teased and was very warm and generous — especially to younger women (who feared her) – “Anonymous”

  • Deb broke the story of Kerry and Edwards praising foul-mouthed, Bush-bashing celebrities as the “heart and soul of America” at Radio City in 2004. The rest of the press ignored it that first night, but it became a major campaign issue thanks to Deb. She was fearless that way…. -“Anonymous”

  • I loved Deb. She was feisty and smart. She was generous with compliments about others’ work and clearly loved her job. We spent many hours together on campaign buses and planes, and she always wanted to talk about the issues, the candidates and what was at stake. I really miss her already. Judy Keen, USA Today