Relive the GOP Debate With Our Tweets of Consciousness

Two hours of tweets.

We second screened this first GOP presidential primary debate so hard it’s as if the first screen didn’t even exist. In fact, the tweets below stand as proof that the last two hours happened. And what exactly did just happen?

A mere quarter of an hour into the debate we were overloaded with so much action, so many soundbites, it’s as if we had lived many lives over. This tweet by Andrew Hawkins perfectly summed up the sentiment:

The emerging fan favorite was the only woman on either side of the debate, moderator Megyn Kelly.

We had our first debate fight, and it wasn’t between Trump and another candidate, but between Chris Christie and Rand Paul, over government surveillance on U.S. citizens.

As was to be expected, Trump led in speaking time.

It didn’t feel so Trump heavy, but then we took a look at the amount of Trump tweets we had collected:

And we realized how Trump can just sneak up on you like that, while others fade quietly:

John Kasich had some big moments, earning class and cred points.