Refinery29’s Chic Office Was Designed From the Concrete Up

Refinery29, the lifestyle and fashion site launched in 2005 by a group of New Yorkers, initially focused on what's hot and unique in the city. Soon, though, the site became a must-read for bright young things around the world and expanded its operations to include video production and celeb interviews. Ten years later, R29 is going strong and has a funky NYC home base that matches its online aesthetic.

"What was important to us in designing this space was to echo values imbued in our content: celebrating self-expression, uplifting with optimism and fueling creativity," said Piera Gelardi, co-founder and ecd, who's a juror at this year's Clio Image Awards. "We did that with an open layout meant to inspire collaboration, the use of bright colors and patterns, and by letting our team decorate their own spaces. When people come in they always talk about the vibrant energy of our space. … They can feel the distinct R29-ness of the place."


Home Sweet Home

Chad McPhail Design is responsible for making the space feel like home.


Game Room

The Ping-Pong table in the common room is for everyone to use. “It’s a great way that people take a break during a busy work day,” said Gelardi, “Relieve some stress, or even have a standing meeting that doubles as fun.” 



Initially, the entire space was bare, so R29 was tasked with making the office inviting. “We wanted to be sure to create a warm space that immediately made guests feel welcome and comfortable,” said Gelardi.


Studio Space

R29’s in-house studio space saw 1,200 shoots last year.


Meeting Place

R29ers call this The Library and use it as a casual meeting space to get away from their desks.

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