Uber: It’s Like Uber, But for PR Stunts

Refinery29 is the company's latest partner


R29_Editions_BlueIs Refinery29 currently on your media mailing list? It should be.

The site, which caters to Millennial women, focuses on fashion but covers pretty much everything from trending hashtags to Kerry Washington’s advice on “How to Be More Like Olivia Pope.

The company has also seen some big changes within the past month: it achieved profitability, raised more than $30 million in capital, hired Amy Emmerlich (who formerly ran video at VICE Media and developed Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations for the Travel Channel) to run video, and announced that it would begin covering the food world by way of former fashion model/current editor Elettra Wiedemann.

As AdAge reports today, Refinery29 has also partnered with Uber for a New York Fashion Week promo stunt: 30,000 copies of a real-life (one-time-only) print pub called “Editions” will be “distributed in select Uber cars in New York during Fashion Week.” The glossy mag will include photos and illustrations but no ads.

A Refinery spokeswoman told AdAge that this is not about moving into print but, rather, establishing the brand as a presence at fashion industry events…if enough “important” people are seen reading “Editions” during the shows, it may become the hot media item of the season.

Or so the theory goes.

In case you missed it, this story also proves that Uber looks to become every company’s partner for “on demand” PR stunts.

Remember the #UberPuppyBowl?


Everyone loves ice cream, everyone loves puppies, and everyone attending New York Fashion week loves glossy magazines with big pictures.

Uber just won’t quit.