Reelz Shows What It Can Do for The Kennedys

It’s definitely a little early to prognosticate the 2011 Emmy Awards. But based on the trailer for the eight-part miniseries The Kennedys (below), in which Tom Wilkinson as Joe Kennedy Sr. steals every excerpted scene from co-stars Greg Kinnear, Katie Holmes and Barry Pepper, it would seem more than likely that the esteemed British actor could be headed for his third recent such nomination flavored by American politics.

In 2008, Wilkinson was nominated at the Emmys for the HBO movie Recount and won that same year for the HBO miniseries John Adams. Something about starring in cable TV Presidential dramas really seems to agree with him.

The Hollywood Reporter was first with the scoop today that Reelz Channel has snapped up the discarded eight-part History Channel offering, for an undislosed sum. Our only remaining question is whether or not the program, which begins airing April 3rd, will now have to be retitled  The Kennedyz?