Reelz Channel Getting KO-ed by The Kennedys

Ad Week has been keeping close tabs on the business aspects of Reelz Channel’s risky pick-up of The Kennedys, the eight-part miniseries deemed too hot for The History Channel.

Earlier this month, the trade magazine reported that network CEO Stan Hubbard (pictured) was banking about half his entire 2011 PR budget on a massive campaign that includes a nationwide billboard blitz launched Monday, March 7th. Now comes word that with less than a month left before air date, he has sold only a fifth of the program’s TV ad space. He blames, in large part, the media:

“This shouldn’t be controversial. There should be plenty of businesses that should be behind it,” said a frustrated Hubbard. “It’s nonsensical…”

Hubbard claims this is all much ado about nothing. “Once people see this, they’ll wonder what the big deal was. It’s well-researched, it’s not salacious, it isn’t Kennedy bashing,” he said. “It’s a great cast giving a career performance.”

From the little FishbowlLA has seen, we tend to agree. Whoever the Kennedy family and associated interests hired to spread the subversive word did a great job. The Greg Kinnear-Katie Holmes miniseries is the latest work of art to be wholly condemned by people who have yet to see the so-called offensive product.