Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, renourish

This writer’s weekend was slightly less sophisticated, spending most of it hot, dirty and deaf at this year’s Sweatin’ to the Oldies. We also spent most of our day wading through empty water and Gatorade bottles 2-3 feet deep, which made us alternatively sad and angry.

So that’s why we beg of you to visit this site today, for the love of all that is not plastic. renourish brings together everything–really, everything–the graphic designer needs to get green, plus if it’s something you’ve truly never considered before, it starts right at the beginning: What is sustainability?

A case studies section provides a forum for successful projects, so if it’s something you have thought long and hard about, be sure to post your work here.

Update: Wow, our brains were more coddled by the desert sun than we thought. We completely forgot that Steve posted a rather excellent story about renourish weeks (or was it years?) ago. Randy J. Hunt also wrote about it on CRIT.